What I had for lunch.

What I had for lunch.

The hallmark of any great blog is connecting with your readers with relevant insightful content. Since I have no readers, I can write about whatever I want.

Folgle-ing around: One of the better galleries in the San Marco area is Fogle Fine Art and Accessories. I have my eye on some vases, which will become mine once I get a few extra dollars. And by mine I mean a gift for a special someone.

Eventraiture: For someone who doesn’t like shooting events, I sure have been busy. Here are some photos from the nGenWorks Fifth Anniversary. You can find other event photos on my Flickr site.

Obama-rama: Tuesday night I joined my good friend Efferem Williams at his Wine Bar Election night victory party.  He said it was non-partisan and true his word, I made sure McCain was representin’. I put together a few of my election favorites such as “It’s the end of the world as we know it” and Public Enemy’s “Don’t believe the hype.” Some said my subversive playlist was a weak attempt to sabotage the party. How could I have known Obama would win by a landslide? He-he.

Speaking of Obama: Congrats to him for a well-fought campaign. The GOP is suffering and needs to come to grips with its weak, pathetic brand. I’ve been doing my own soul-searching. No, I’m not switching parties but I have realized that the voting demographic is changing. What worked for Reagan in 1980 simply doesn’t resonate today. Our principles shouldn’t change, but our packaging and presentation must. I’ve found some true believers like Andy Rutledge.

Let’s get your to-do list done and build some brand love.