Brand Development

Jacksonville Branding Agency specializing in Brand Development. Since 2001, we’ve developed a culture for all things brand.

But it takes more than a love for brands to build a great one. It requires a process that defines the business objectives, puts the consumer first and creates a wide open space for creativity to flourish. You just need the right guide.

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Here are the steps to creating a brand people absolutely love:

  • Align
  • Create
  • Produce
  • Evaluate

This brand development process creates a cycle of curiosity, creativity and connection. Because great branding is more than a good product or snappy advertising campaign, it’s about connecting with your customers (we call them fans) on an emotional level and giving them what they need.

So your brand has to do more than sell products and services. It has to differentiate. (If you’re the CMO of a corporation, you’re thinking “tell me something I don’t know”.) But even if you are a pedigreed marketing guru, having the right partner with an instinct for what consumers want and a yearning for the research to back it up, is simply invaluable.

Often times, our esteemed marketing partners have a clear vision for a brand launch or brand extension, but don’t have the capacity or resources to execute creative solutions that create a memorable brand experience. At other times, our marketing partners are serial entrepreneurs, who have more money than time and simply want a team who can handle it from soup to nuts.

Branding and communications expertise

We focus primarily on strategic marketing tools and communications that define and enhance the connection between consumers and brands. We do a few things well and brand development is one of them. For things we don’t do, like media planning, we rely on strategic partners. Like a true concierge, we provide expert recommendations, call ahead to make the connection and manage the relationship to make sure everything turns out well.

At HDco, we think like consumers. And then tie that to business objectives. How every touchpoint and every brand experience counts and adds to the bottom line.

We can talk for hours about brands, but we’ll settle for a few minutes.

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