Film and Video Production

A different approach to film and video

Although we’ve been in the film and video industry for 20 years, our approach to corporate videos, films and documentaries is unique. We’re videographers, editors, lighting gurus, designers, animators, scriptwriters, illustrators, documentarians and music lovers. Because our team is multidisciplinary our projects tend to take on a multimedia nature.

When tasked with a project, rather than immediately thinking about execution, we focus on the problem, making sure we are aligned with your communication objective, budget and timeline.

Only then the fun can begin.

What we do:

  • Documentary Films
  • Corporate Videos
  • Videos for Non-Profits
  • Web Videos
  • Training ¬†and Educational Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Executive Videos

Services we offer:

  • Scriptwriting and Storyboards
  • Studio and On Location Videography
  • Location Production
  • Video Editing
  • Animation and Motion Graphics
  • Color Grading and Correction
  • Audio Production

How we do it

Our team develops a range of concepts that we present as storyboards. Ideas are bantered about and once a direction is selected, we develop a production outline. Crews are hired, talent is selected, animators are lined up and the production begins. Our DPs, videographers and production crews are best-in-class. We have established relationships with video crews on every continent except Antarctica.

The squeeze

Footage comes in, graphics are created, voiceovers are recorded and a roughcut begins to take shape. Our post-production process can be highly collaborative and we welcome client involvement. As veterans of the branding business, we know even the best laid plans are prone to change. If your C-Level boss kills the concept and wants to start over, we’re rolling with it. As we move closer and closer to the deadline, amazingly the roughcut becomes a final cut.

About Jeffrey D Harrington

Jeffrey Harrington is the concept mastermind and editor. He makes sure that the messaging and design fit the brand. Always pushing the team for new creative executions, he is often the one saying, “It’s not good enough. This can be better.” Jeffrey is also charged with selecting those music tracks that stick in your head. As a professional photographer and videographer in his own right, Jeffrey’s trained eye keeps our DPs producing cinematic quality video.

Film and video production is truly a passion at HDco. Let us bring our experience and talent to solve your toughest communication objectives.

Have an idea for a great product or service? We can help.