Corporate, Product & Brand Identity

Symbols are powerful tools. Today, consumers expect more from their brands and that includes logo and identity.

Only a handful of beloved brands come to mind that is not accompanied by world-class identity systems. To create a brand identity that stands the test of time, it has to be protectable. More about that later.

When we think of Brand Identity, Corporate Identity, or Product Identity, it’s more of a sophisticated visual language. Colors, typefaces and treatments of photography, illustration and infographics, it’s way more than a logo or even logo systems. This system of visual language is how you communicate to your target audience or better put the humans who will interact with your brand or product through every conceivable media. From the Internet to the humble business card, our comprehensive approach lays the foundation for every creative solution.

How we make Corporate Identity come to life

Each company we do business with is unique, therefore there is no one-size-fits-all solution. But there are some core elements to each Corporate Identity project.

We start with a step we call Align. Gathering all the information that’s available about your products, services, constituents and marketing objectives and creating a strategic brief that outlines our approach. This is the most critical step in creating a logo and identity system that will last for the next 10-20 years. At the conclusion of this step, we’ll have benchmarks for success and plan to move forward.

Now we can Create. With a solid grasp of what victory looks like, the blank slate isn’t so wide open anymore. Great creative executions need parameters, otherwise, it’s just art. Our designers are the best-in-class and we proudly hang our hat on creating timeless, interesting and effective brand and product identity systems. The logo and identity development process is usually very collaborative and we ask that our clients provide sufficient access to primary decision-makers. This speeds the process and helps to make the most of our budget.

Next, we Produce. HDco partners with only the best production facilities in the United States. We have a range of print and production partners for all sizes and budget levels. Whether the job calls for 1,000 or 100,000 business cards we will help you procure the perfect partner and help manage the production process.

Evaluate. Perhaps the most critical part of our process. Based on the measurement criteria we set in our brief, we go back and evaluate the success of our project. Is it increasing brand awareness and sales? Our we increasing market share or driving more web traffic? How are our consumers responding? These questions and more help us to determine what changes can and need to be made to increase create ongoing success.

Our Process

Here are some of the components of our identity systems:

  • logo or logo system
  • color palettes
  • typeface and treatments
  • stationery (business card, letterhead, envelopes)
  • executive stationery
  • thank you notes
  • business forms (invoices, purchase orders and the like)
  • kit folders or press kits
  • labels for oversized mailings
  • brand standards for print ads, direct mail and other print collateral
  • brand standards for electronic media such as websites, online advertising and presentations
  • standards for packaging, point of purchase and other dimensional collateral
  • best practices for tradeshow, sales booths and exhibit signage

Some companies, products or brands need the soup to nuts approach, others have a more tailored Identity system. We combine the creative product into a Brand Standards guide that includes what to do and what not do; an invaluable tool to keep everyone on the same page. (forgive the pun)

Corporate/Brand Standards Guides

This comprehensive approach is consolidated into an online and print version that should be distributed to anyone who will be responsible for creating materials for your brand. For franchises and distributed networks, the Brand Standards Guide is a vital tool in the communications arsenal and one that companies can make a handsome margin on.

How do we get started?

Our approach to corporate identity can last a lifetime, but it doesn’t necessarily take a lifetime to execute. We work at the pace set by our clients. Do  you have a product to launch in two weeks and need a new logo system? We can do that. Are you looking to overhaul a Fortune 5oo Identity system? We can do that too. Schedule a consultation and we’ll discuss your budget and timeline. If we are a good fit, we’ll put a proposal together to meets your most demanding needs.

Let’s get your to-do list done and build some brand love.