Marketing materials

In an online world, how can print still be relevant?

It’s true that the newspaper and magazine industries are dying and direct mail response rates continue to plunge. The marketing brochure has been replaced by the website and PowerPoint. Paper just isn’t what it used to be. And we think that’s fantastic.

There was a time long ago when the printed piece was regarded as a luxury, something only the wealthy elite could afford. The quality of paper and the print process mattered. As a society we are back to that.

At HDco, we regard print collateral and marketing materials as a fine art, something that should be reserved for the most important messaging.

At HDco, print is still very much alive.

Marketing brochures, print advertising & other product design

Our expertise in print marketing materials includes:

  • annual reports
  • high-end brochures
  • sales kits
  • press kits
  • invitations and announcements
  • point of purchase materials
  • commemorative posters
  • store signage

As brand designers, we aspire to create beautiful, creative and most importantly, effective marketing collateral for our regional, national and international brands.

How do we get started?

Give us a call at 904 398-5700 or email Jeffrey to schedule a consultation.

How we develop business and marketing collateral

The process we follow for brand collateral starts with analyzing your brand strategy. We call this stage Align. We take a close look at your target audience and determine the segment that will potentially respond to print collateral.

Crafting a message and developing a look and feel is the next and most important step. We call this Design. Our veteran writers and designers develop concepts that resonate with your key audiences and effectively communicate your value proposition.

To maximize effectiveness, we recommend market testing concepts to develop a baseline for response. Whether we use an internal audience for testing or conduct a formal focus group process, gaining insight into consumer mindset aids our intuition and improves ROI.

HDco follows the project from conception to production, so count on us to make sure we produce the product that we all envisioned. Our print partners are the best in the industry and in today’s competitive market, there are options for every budget.

The cycle continues with Evaluate. To insure that our labors are achieving the intended outcomes, we refer to our measurement criteria as defined in our Align phase. After reviewing quantitative and qualitative data, our team provides recommendations for enhancements to the marketing, brand or product campaign.

Have an idea for a great product or service? We can help.