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Harrington Design Company powers marketing and branding teams with video, design and of course, digital.

Unforgettable brands are founded on trust and authenticity. 

Grounded in this principle since 2001, HDco works with leading companies to create ideas and tell stories that turn imagination into action.

Let’s get your to-do list done and build some brand love.

What we are known for

Brand Strategy

Our comprehensive approach positions your brand to effectively reach your target audience.

Names & Taglines

Names and original taglines your customers will love and you can own.

Logos & Corporate Identity

Create and trademark a timeless, bespoke identity system for your brand.

Marketing Communications

Dazzle your customers with print collateral and packaging that grabs attention, emotion and positive response.

Video & Photography

Full-service photography, video production and animation for leading companies around the world.

Web, Mobile & Automation

Our expertise in the digital space optimizes your entire marketing funnel.

Let’s get your to-do list done and build some brand love.