The end of Windows

The end of Windows

At least for this design firm.

Back in 1999 when I started developing Web sites professionally, the Mac was slow, overpriced and unstable. Along came Windows 2000. It wasn’t pretty, but it never crashed. I would leave my Dell on for weeks at a time. Screw you Steve Jobs, I thought. I can be a Designer and use Windows and I don’t care how many of my Designer buddies make fun of me. I’ll be a maverick and hey, Sony makes some pretty nice PCs.

It seems Apple has turned the corner and is the leader again. The new iMacs are out now and of course they are even more gorgeous than before. We just bought the previous model for the house and I really love playing around with it. I’ve heard enough negative reviews of Vista to steer clear for a few years. And we waited 5 stinkin’ years for a new operating system.

It won’t happen overnight, but I’ve decided to leave Bill Gates behind and switch – even though I hate those commercials. Sorry Bill.

Apple – iMac – Design

Let’s get your to-do list done and build some brand love.