Peace out (in the UK).

Peace out (in the UK).

Greenpeace UK has just released a new ad against their arch-nemesis, the SUV. I love it, and not for the obvious reason that I’m a treehugger. It’s really funny, in the same sort of humor as The Office (which coincidentally, also started in the UK!).

Apparently, rather than DIYing this ad, Greenpeace consulted with ad people, and I think it paid off. It’s accompanied by a mini-site, The City Gas Guzzler, which includes supportive info not only how to act (buy a more fuel efficent car; the site lists the top 10 in England), but also why. And not just the same old Al Gore hippie stuff – serious public safety stuff, too. For example: In an accident, many 4x4s are three times more likely than ordinary passenger cars to kill a pedestrian.

I think Greenpeace UK is smart limiting their target. SUVs and Trucks have their place and purpose. Obviously, a fuel efficent compact car isn’t sensible for someone living in the country on an unpaved road, or someone who hauls a lot of cargo. However, by targeting specifically the city 4×4, who isn’t likely to see terrain rougher than a pothole, Greenpeace is taking a position of logic.

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