A colleague posted a message on LinkedIn asking why no one reads his email newsletter. He seemed rather despondent, so I took a glance at it. It was essentially a condensed portfolio with some contact information. I responded this way:

When people look at an email newsletter, their first thoughts are:

  • What’s in it for me?
  • Is this interesting and relevant?
  • Do I have time to consume this information right now?

If they answer yes to at least one of those questions, they’ll read on. If not, you’re deleted.

The next time you craft an email start with thinking about your readers. What would be interesting to them? How can I make it quick and easy to digest?

Make it worth their while to give up 60 seconds of their time and chances are they’ll open your next email. And not dodge you at the watercooler.

What makes you respond to email newsletters?