Brand naming services

The are companies that do nothing but create corporate names and taglines. We aren’t one of them. (But we would if we could!)

Developing names for corporations, brands and products is a lot of fun, but it is also one of the most critical ways to differentiate from your competition. So we take naming and tagline development seriously. Our fundamental goal for creating a stand-out corporate name or tagline is in most cases, to stand out. That means we’re thinking of words and phrases that both connect with your audience and have a high level of memory retention.

When launching a new product or brand, having a memorable, engaging name immediately sets the tone for what a consumer expects from you. Often times a corporate name can be memorable and make an emotional connection, but doesn’t fully define what the brand or product is. That’s okay, because a great name’s best friend is a great tagline.

How we approach naming and tagline development

Our approach starts with:

  • business objectives
  • communications objectives
  • market research
  • an assessment of the audience
  • the reach
  • the media that you will likely use
  • the likelihood of product or brand extensions

We combine this along with other factors to develop a marketing statement that encapsulates what the name and/or tagline should communicate.

Then the magic happens

The creative component of naming and tagline development is part art, part science. There are a dozen approaches to brand or product naming and try every relevant avenue to develop an exhaustive list. Before we turn the candidates over for review, we conduct a knock-out search to determine the viability for Trademarking. Afterall, what good is falling in love with a name or tagline you can’t own?

What do others think?

In a truly effective name and tagline process, focus groups are conducted and feedback is evaluated. In some cases crowdsourcing is helpful to generate a broader response. Once we’ve honed the list down to our favorites, the fruit of our labors, we hand it over to the lawyers.

Then the legal stuff happens

The ultimate goal is to create a product or brand name that you can Trademark. That’s where the lawyers come in. A more thorough search is conducted through Thompson searches and an legal assessment of each candidate is made based on defensibility.

The rest is up to you.

We’d love to help you build a brand people love and creating a great name/tagline is fundamental. To get the process started, give us a call at 904 398-5700 or contact Jeffrey.