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Bryce Salvador, HDco

29 Aug Back to Balance, Bryce Salvador Story

Bryce Salvador shares his story of a devastating concussion and vestibular issue and his remarkable comeback as Team Captain of the New Jersey Devils leading them to the Stanley Cup. Produced and Directed by Jeffrey Harrington of HDco for the Vestibular Disorder Association for Balance...

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27 Jul HDco shoots 220 Riverside Ave

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19 May 5 ways to improve your emails

Start with better email titles. Good titles make searching for and finding emails easier. Titles should be informative, not pithy. Be sure to include the client, project, date and version. If there are immediate action items, state them in the subject. Try to avoid starting a new email thread. It's...

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19 Oct Stephanie Speaks at SCAD

On Thursday, October 18th, HDco's Stephanie Soden and her other half, Jim Ward of Native Sun visited the Savannah College of Art and Design's AIGA student group. The AIGA SCAD student group is one of the largest student chapters in the country, boasting over 400...

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