Jeffrey D Harrington

Jeffrey D. Harrington

CEO & Chief Brand Concierge
I became a designer because I believed that the power of visual communication could change the world. After 15 years of developing brands for Fortune 500 companies, the health care industry, small businesses and nonprofits, I’ve learned that people all want something authentic. To create that, you need to get inside their heart, find what matters to them and deliver it. In addition to camping and cooking, HDco is where I have the most fun.

Natalie Halpern

Natalie Halpern

Producer and Director
Telling stories has always been a part of my life. My passion is producing films that capture the spirit and values behind individuals and organizations. Those stories inspire me, and I use my experience as a journalist and award-winning producer to draw them out and create an emotional connection. What else fascinates me besides people? Traveling to other continents and most anything that connects me with the ocean.

Natalie also owns a full video and production company. Visit her website at